Mona Lisa


Novak Djokovic imitations


Donald Trump beat bodybuilders

Donald Trump beat bodybuilders: knocked him to the ground and kicked with a couple of blows to the head! Donald Trump is certainly one of the most controversial nominee to head the White House and that is something that the...

Funny and cute animal compilation 2015

Funny and cute animal compilation 2015

Blonde jokes

A Blonde For Ever There was a blonde who was tired of all the blonde jokes going around and decided to dye her hair brown. She then went for a drive in the country and came upon a shepherd herding...

Funny SMS jokes

News: 3 Chimps escaped from the zoo... 1 was caught watching tv... another playing football and the third one was caught reading this txt message God made man and then rested. God made women and then no one rested The longest...

Jack Bauer Facts

1. Jack Bauer once forgot where he put his keys. He then spent the next half an hour torturing himself until he gave up the location of the keys. 2. Jack Bauer knows the answer to whether the chicken or...

Funny Video Animals

Animals are the hardest try not to laugh challenge! Just look how all these dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, monkeys, bears, horses,... behave, play, sleep ...

Best Funny Videos

Best Funny Videos

Dogs just don’t want to bath – Funny dog bathing compilation

Dogs just don't want to bath - Funny dog bathing compilation

The Internet’s best Chuck Norris Jokes

Chuck Norris does not wear a condom. There is no such thing as protection from Chuck Norris When the Boogeyman goes to sleep, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris. In the beginning God created the heaven and the...

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As early as of December, the average salary will amount to 500 euros

Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said he expects the average salary to be above € 500 by December He said in...
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Direct Air Serbia flights to Egypt starting June

A Belgrade-Cairo service is among the routes to be introduced by Air Serbia this June. The official launch of direct Belgrade-Cairo flights was on Thursday...

Abolished visas for citisens of Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Commonwealth of Dominica and Trinidad and Tobago

Тhe Government of the Republic of Serbia, at its meeting on 25 October 2018, adopted a decision to abolish visa requirements for nationals of...

Novak Djokovic wins seventh Australian Open title

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic has won his seventh Australian Open title, beating Spain’s Rafael Nadal on Sunday after a two-hour game with the...

Ushuaia: Exhibition on Tesla’s life and inventions

In Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego Province, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Buenos Aires, in cooperation with Nikola Tesla...