Border change: To Serbia without corona and quarantine virus test

Border change: To Serbia without corona and quarantine virus test

As of today, May 22, neither the citizens of Serbia nor other countries need to have a negative test for the corona virus or a special permit to enter Serbia, the Government of Serbia has decided.

As of today, a negative PCR test is not required for entering Serbia, both for ours and for foreign citizens, as well as self-isolation of 14 days, RTS reports.

The isolation of all people who have entered our country so far, and which was assigned to them for 14 days, because they did not have a negative test result, will be terminated from today.

Testing on personal request will cost 6,000 dinars on the territory of the entire Republic of Serbia, while testing for students and minors will still be free, it is stated in the announcement.

All persons entering the territory of Serbia will be handed health warnings stating that they are entering the territory where the virus is still circulating, as well as ways to prevent infection.

From today, flights from Nis airport “Constantine the Great” will be established. That airport has not been operating since March 18.

The Hungarian company “Wizz Air” planned the first flight to Dortmund. Both “Air Serbia” and “Ryan Air” are planning to resume flights from Nis Airport.

“Air Serbia” has renewed commercial passenger traffic. The first passengers went to Zurich and Frankfurt.

During the trip, all passengers must wear masks at all times, and additional protective equipment – visors and gloves – are welcome.


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