Serbian government to continue investing in Nis city airport

The airport of Nis

The airport in the southern city of Nis is strategically important for Serbia and the government will continue investing in it, the Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure said in Friday’s press release.

The investments will continue to raise the level of services and security as conditions for its successful operation and to meet the interests of the airlines flying out of the Konstantin Veliki airport in Nis, it added. The government’s strategic determination is to invest in the airport and position it as an alternative to Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport, the press release said.

The government has invested 9.8 billion Euros in the airport since 2014 raising the annual number of travellers from 1,335 in 2014 to 331,582 in 2017, the press release said and added that the government will invest another 1.5 million Euros this year to help it operate in winter conditions.

The ministry said the decision to start or discontinue flights from the airport are motivated by service and infrastructure and profitability. “Since the commercial conditions at Nis airport have not changed since 2014 and airport services have been upgraded, the reasons behind decisions to discontinue certain lines are part of airline business policies and profitability assessments,” it said.


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